Isaiah 55. God’s Great Banquet

2 July 2017. We are challenged to consider what satisfies us and what we fill our lives with (e.g. possessions, career, family, entertainment…. could we swap the time we spend on Facebook to read the Bible instead?). God calls us to return to him, enjoy his banquet, receive his blessings and accept his promise of everlasting love – even though this is undeserved. God’s word, like rain, refreshes and renews, providing hope and ultimate satisfaction to all who receive it.

Living In Between theTimes – Galatians 3:6-14, 4:4-7

Sun 18 June 2017 – Joshua from CMS speaks to us about being a Christian today. It’s like living “in between times” – the now and the “not-yet”. As Christians, this can sometimes make us feel discouraged when it seems that everyone else around us embraces things which are not God’s will. These passages on Galatians remind us that if we are filled with the Holy Spirit by faith, even though times will be tough, through God we will have strength and hope.

Isaiah 37-37: Decisions Under Pressure

4 June 2017 – Matt Elkan leads us through the historical events that presented Judah’s King Hezekiah with the toughest decision of his reign:

(A) to avoid a massive loss of Jewish lives by surrendering to the awesome Assyrian army who had already conquered all nearby kingdoms and were now surrounding Jerusalem with the threat to wipe out all of Judah if King Hezekiah didn’t surrender to the Assyrian King;


(B) instead risk almost certain destruction and trust in the one true God to save his people against impossible odds;

Listen to this Sermon to find out the choice he made and why.

Then ask yourself:

Who do you rely on in a crisis and in what is your ultimate trust placed in?

Isaiah – Chapter 1

30 April 2017 – John Reid examines the 1st Chapter of Isaiah – where Israel is warned that despite going through the motions of their religious traditions their hearts are empty and that God sees through their facade and is offended by their hollow worship.  Isaiah encourages the people of Israel to recognise how they have strayed, to turn away from their evil ways and become truly obedient to God’s commands.


Our new life in Christ

23 April 2017: Our new life in Christ John Reid

The risen Christ has given us Peace, Power and Purpose

Peace: Jesus’ peace gives us peace between Him and us, between us and God, between us and others in Christ, between us and our souls (our conscience), and in God’s time peace with the world.

Power: We receive ability and power through the Holy Spirit

Purpose: Our purpose, as Jesus commanded his disciples, is to spread the Good News to save souls

Go and be reconciled

26 March 2017 John Reid – Go and be Reconciled

We cannot forgive those who harm us on our own, true forgiveness can only be achieved with God’s help through His spirit working in us.

Forgiveness IS an act of will to NOT; dwell on the incident, bring it up again to use against the person, talk to others about it, and let the incident hinder personal relationship with the person.

Gently Engaging Others

19 March 2017 – Week 6 Peacewise Conflict Resolution. John Reid this week guides us through how we can gently engage others in order to restore our relationships with them. We look at Galations 6:1-10 and Matthew 18:15-20 to help us identify how we can lovingly serve others by helping them take responsibility for their contribution to conflict. The world needs more peacemakers. How will God use you as an Agent of Peace?