Have Faith in God

10am Sunday 16 June 2019. Exodus 16: 1-36

As we continue our study of Exodus, John Reid talks about being content and the reasons why we often are not. He asks these questions and the congregation discuss:
Why do people complain so much?
What to we complain about?
How does grumbling show a lack of faith?
What does it meant to be content?

The Song of Moses

10am Sunday 9 June 2019. Exodus 15: 1-21. 2 Corinthians 4: 1-6

As we continue our study of Exodus, John Reid talks about the song sung by Moses and the Israelites after God had rescued them. John asks – why do we sing?
– We sing because God is victorious and He is the King.
– We sing because God cares for us.
– We sing because God delivers us.

The Lamb Of God

26 May 2019 – Exodus 12 – On the very first passover in Egypt when the Israelites were instructed to sacrifice a perfect young male lamb in substitute for their own first born sons. John Reid points out in this sermon that the Bible refers to Jesus as the lamb of God more than 30 times and God invites us to the “party” that awaits all Christians when the lamb becomes the Lion of Judah.

Exodus – Living in a dark world

28 April 2019 – John Reid starts a new series on the old testament book of Exodus. The nation of Israel is enslaved by Egypt and the Pharaoh who fears the growing Hebrew population embarks on a program of genocide, declaring war on God’s people. The Hebrew midwives are the heroes of this passage and they are remembered by name as they demonstrate that God is the one to fear, not pharaoh. By comparison, Moses appears to be the failure, abusing his power and not trusting in God. Even in the darkest of times, God is for us.

Good Friday. The Hope of Easter.

10am Friday 19 April 2019. John 18:1-19:42. Isaiah 52:13-53:12.

On this Good Friday, John Reid talks about pain and suffering by comparing the two criminals who were crucified on either side of Jesus – both who wanted to be saved from death. One saw Jesus merely as a way to escape death, while the other admitted his sinful nature, accepted the punishment he deserved and recognised Jesus as King.