Good Friday. The Hope of Easter.

10am Friday 19 April 2019. John 18:1-19:42. Isaiah 52:13-53:12.

On this Good Friday, John Reid talks about pain and suffering by comparing the two criminals who were crucified on either side of Jesus – both who wanted to be saved from death. One saw Jesus merely as a way to escape death, while the other admitted his sinful nature, accepted the punishment he deserved and recognised Jesus as King.

The Unforgivable Sin

10am Sunday 31 March 2019. Matthew 12:31-32.

In this sermon, John Reid focuses on two verses in Matthew 12 (verses 31-32), and reminds us to always consider the context of what we read in the bible. He talks about:

  • The awesome miracle that Jesus performed.
  • The baseless accusations of the Pharisees.
  • Jesus’ irrefutable answer (their accusations are illogical, inconsistent and impossible).
  • The Unforgivable Sin – the complete and permanent rejection of Christ.

Finding Rest in Jesus

10am Sunday 24 March 2019. Matthew 11: 28-12:21

In this sermon John Reid talks about Finding Rest in Jesus, the Lord of Rest, and how it is crucial that we have confidence that God is the one who gives us perfect rest. We need to avoid “Trying to Save ourselves through External Rules” and instead ” Rely Exclusively on the Saviour Through faith”.


10am Sunday 17 March 2019. Isaiah 3: 1-9. Matthew 11:20-30.

This week, John Reid talks about how we can only find true rest through Jesus Christ. Trying to earn acceptance by God is a burden we can never carry. Our relationship with Jesus is what counts. John discusses:
The Caller – Jesus, who comes with humility and grace.
The Called – All who are weary and burdened.
The Call – Jesus says “Come to me”… “Learn from me”.

Jesus, don’t look for another.

10am Sunday 10 March 2019. Malachi 4: 1-6. Matthew 11:1-19.

In this sermon John Reid explains how doubt is not the opposite of faith but it can help us to think seriously about what we believe in. He talks about:
1. The problems which give rise to doubt.
2. The solution to doubt uncovered.
3. Remaining strong in our faith and following Jesus – don’t be put off by other people’s opinions.

The fear of the Lord

10am Sunday 3 March 2019. Isaiah 2: 6-18. Matthew 10: 24-42.

In this sermon, John Reid talks about how the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Jesus shows us that He is the one to fear as he holds our eternal future in His hands, and not to be afraid of anyone or anything that opposes the truth. Be encouraged and courageous to speak the truth.

Lord of the Harvest

10am Sunday 24 February 2019. Isaiah 2: 1-5. Matthew 9: 35 – 10: 23.

In this sermon, John Reid focuses on Matthew 10: 16-23 and talks about how “It’s getting rough out there”. In this age where Christian morals are rejected and Churches are actively opposed, we need to be bold in today’s society and towards those who oppose us – “live as sheep among wolves”. John talks about the nature of opposition, what’s at stake, and the mission we are given.