Reluctant Evangelism – Jonah 1

18 Sept 2016 – Guest preacher, Glenn Farrell, gives us a fascinating insight into life as a locomotive driver and how he shares some of Jonah’s reluctance as an evangelist.

Whilst most people focus on what is going on inside the fish (or whether the fish was a whale), Glenn encourages us to look at what was going on inside Jonah’s heart and then reflect on what is going on inside our own hearts today.  Although Jonah might have appeared to be scared of what might happen to him if he called on the fearsome people of Ninevah to repent, Glenn contends it was more Jonah’s reluctance to see a city of wicked people saved by God’s mercy.  It was therefore Jonah’s disagreement with God’s plan for the salvation of the Ninevites which saw him flee by ship in the opposite direction.

If we modern day Jonahs are not prepared to share the gospel with those who our society regards as the worst types of people, then how can we expect God’s mercy for our own sins?


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