Introduction to Ecclesiastes

Sunday July 7, 2018

Ecclesiastes 12:8-14

Revelation 22:1-11

John Reid provides an Introduction (from the end of the book) to this complex book, in preparation for the study series this term.

Ecclesiastes is an existential book, it is a book about human existence, It asks the great question of post modern men and women: Does my existence here have any meaning at all?

Ecclesiastes shows our greatest fear, which is not so much the of death or the fear of sin or guilt but the meaninglessness of nothing.

Ecclesiastes is deeply despairing book but it is also a deeply honest book

Ecclesiastes answer to question of the meaning of life is the post modern answer namely here is no answer at all

Ecclesiastes only positive advise is to follow the pleasure principle but to remember too that this is the only vanity and that it ends only in death, so you can’t take any of your toys with you

Ecclesiastes describes only what can be empirically be observed of this department of life

Ecclesiastes answer to the question ‘how do you know the truth’ is wholly secular

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