SEED Project – changing our culture to fit God’s purposes

24 September 2017

Matt Elkan reflects on Genesis 1:24-2:3 and Revelation 21:9-27 and asks us to consider:

  • What cultural circles do you inhabit
  • What influence do yo have in the circles you inhabit
  • What sort of influence are you on your culture

CEO of SEED, John Beckett, explains that the Seed Project is an initiative to Discover Purpose and Create Change in our culture.  It aims to help individuals and organizations create change in society that aligns with God’s purposes.

Rebecca and Lisa presented an overview of the EVE Project – which is one of the first projects to be supported by SEED.  EVE seeks to assist women subjected to domestic violence and re-engage them into the community. Utilizing a wholefoods cafe offering transition through micro supporting business, referrals coming from a broad range of community support groups, jobs are defined by skills rather than traditional need.

Daina Cunningham presented an overview of the InCidental Project – which is changing architecture to align with God’s purposes.

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